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‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab: “Every Muslim Should Kiss The Forehead Of ‘Abdullaah Ibn Hudhaafah”

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The Romans captured the great Sahaabai ‘Abdullaah Ibn Hudhaafah As-Sahami, and took him to their king, who said to him, “Become Christian and I will share my kingdom with you and give you my daughters hand in marriage.”

He (‘Abdullaah Ibn Hudhaafah As-Sahami) said to him, “Even if you give me all that you posses and all that the Arabs possess to make me give up the religion of Muhammad (saw) for the blink of an eye, I would not do it.”

He said, “Then I will kill you.”

He said, “It’s up to you.”

So the king ordered that he be crucified and that the archers shoot him near his hands and feet, whilst he was telling him to become Christian, but he refused to do so.

Then he ordered that he be taken down and a huge pot of coper be heated up.

Then one of the Muslim prisoners was brought and thrown into it, and when he looked, there was nothing left but bones. He again told him to become Christian, but he refused.

Then he ordered that he be thrown into that pot, and he was lifted on a pulley to be thrown in, but he wept and the king hoped that he would respond and he again told him to become Christian.

But ‘Abdullaah said, “I am only weeping because I have but one soul to be thrown into this pot for the sake of Allaah. I wish that I had as many souls as hairs on my body, so that they may all receive this torture for the sake of Allaah.”

According to some reports, the king imprisoned him and deprived him of food and drink for several days, then he sent wine and pork to him but he did not touch them.

The king summoned him and said, “Why did you not eat?”

He said, “They were permissible for me (in that situation), but I did not want to give you the satisfaction.”

The king said to him, “Kiss my head and I will let you go.”

He said, “And will you let all the Muslim prisoners go?”

He said, “Yes.”

So he kissed his head, and he let him go and he let all the Muslim prisoners go with him.

When he came back, ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab said, “Every Muslim should kiss the forehead of ‘Abdullaah Ibn Hudhaafah, and I will be the first,” and he stood up and kissed his head.

[Taken from ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab, His Life And Times, By ‘Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabi, Vol. I, Pp. 273 – 274. Quoting from Tafsir Ibn Kathir 2/610]

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March 26, 2010 at 9:15 am