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“…enjoin righteousness and forbid evil…”

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خطب علي بن أبي طالب فحمد الله وأثنى عليه ، ثم قال : أيها الناس ، إنما هلك من كان قبلكم بركوب المعاصي ، ولم ينههم الربانيون والأحبار ،فلما تمادوا في المعاصي ، ولم ينههم الربانيون والأحبار ، أخذتهم العقوبات . فمروا بالمعروف وانهوا عن المنكر ، قبل أن ينزل بكم مثل الذي نزل بهم ، واعلموا أن الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر لا يقطع رزقا ولا يقرب أجلا

Ibn Abi Hatim recorded that Yahya bin Ya`mar said, ” `Ali bin Abi Talib (رضي الله عنه) once gave a speech, which he started by praising Allah and thanking Him. He then said, `O people! Those who were before you were destroyed because they committed sins and the Rabbaniyyun and Ahbar did not forbid them from evil. When they persisted in sin, they were overcome by punishment. Therefore, enjoin righteousness and forbid evil before what they suffered also strikes you. Know that enjoining righteousness and forbidding evil does not reduce the provision or shorten the term of life.”

Tafsir Ibn Kathir


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March 27, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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