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“…By Allah! We will not say to you what the Children of Israel said to Musa

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Muhammad bin Ishaq reported that `Abdullah bin `Abbas رضي الله عنه said, “When the Messenger of Allah heard that Abu Sufyan had left the Sham area (headed towards Makkah with Quraysh’s caravan), he encouraged the Muslims to march forth to intercept them, saying,

«هَذِهِ عِيرُ قُرَيْشٍ فِيهَا أَمْوَالُهُمْ، فَاخْرُجُوا إِلَيْهَا لَعَلَّ اللهَ أَن يُّنَفِّلَكُمُوهَا»

(This is the caravan of Quraysh carrying their property, so march forth to intercept it, Allah might make it as war spoils for you.)

The people started mobilizing Muslims, although some of them did not mobilize, thinking that the Prophet would not have to fight. Abu Sufyan was cautiously gathering information on the latest news spying on travelers he met, out of fear for the caravan, especially upon entering the area of Hijaz (Western Arabia). Some travelers told him that Muhammad had mobilized his companions for his caravan. He was anxious and hired Damdam bin `Amr Al-Ghifari to go to Makkah and mobilize the Quraysh to protect their caravan, informing them that Muhammad had mobilized his Companions to intercept the caravan. Damdam bin `Amr went in a hurry to Makkah. Meanwhile, the Messenger of Allah marched with his companions until he reached a valley called Dhafiran. When he left the valley, he camped and was informed that the Quraysh had marched to protect their caravan. The Messenger of Allah consulted the people for advice and conveyed the news about Quraysh to them. Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه stood up and said something good, and so did `Umar رضي الله عنه. Al-Miqdad bin `Amr رضي الله عنه stood up and said, `O Allah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم! March to what Allah has commanded you, for we are with you. By Allah! We will not say to you what the Children of Israel said to Musa عليه السلام,

﴿فَاذْهَبْ أَنتَ وَرَبُّكَ فَقَاتِلا إِنَّا هَـهُنَا قَـعِدُونَ﴾

(“So go you and your Lord and fight you two, we are sitting right here”) ﴿5:24﴾. Rather, go you and Your Lord and fight, we will be fighting along with you both. By He Who has sent you with Truth! If you decide to take us to Birk-ul-Ghimad, we will fight along with you until you reach it.’ The Messenger of Allah said good words to Al-Miqdad and invoked Allah for his benefit. The Messenger of Allah again said,

«أَشِيرُوا عَلَيَّ أَيُّهَا النَّاس»

(Give me your opinion, O people! wanting to hear from the Ansar. This is because the majority of the people with him then were the Ansar. When the Ansar gave the Prophet their pledge of obedience at Al-`Aqabah, they proclaimed, `O Allah’s Messenger! We are not bound by this pledge unless, and until, you arrive in our land. When you have arrived in our area, you are under our protection, and we shall protect you in the same manner we protect our children and wives.’ The Messenger of Allah feared that the Ansar might think that they are not obliged to support him except from his enemies who attack Al-Madinah, not to march with him to an enemy in other areas. When the Prophet said this, Sa`d bin Mu`adh رضي الله عنه asked him, `O Allah’s Messenger! Is it us whom you meant’ The Prophet answered in the positive. Sa`d said, `We have faith and believed in you, testified that what you brought is the truth, and gave you our pledges and promises of allegiance and obedience. Therefore, march, O Allah’s Messenger, for what Allah has commanded you. Verily, by He Who has sent you in Truth, if you decided to cross this sea (the Red Sea), we will follow you in it, and none among us would stay behind. We do not dislike that we meet our enemy tomorrow. Verily, we are patient in war, fierce in battle. May Allah make you witness what makes your eyes pleased with us. Therefore, march with us with the blessing of Allah.’ The Messenger of Allah was pleased with what Sa`d said and was encouraged by it. He proclaimed,

«سِيرُوا عَلَى بَرَكَةِ اللهِ وَأَبْشِرُوا فَإِنَّ اللهَ قَدْ وَعَدَنِي إِحْدَى الطَّائِفَتَيْنِ وَاللهِ لَكَأَنِّي الْآنَ أَنْظُرُ إِلَى مَصَارِعِ الْقَوم»

(March with the blessing of Allah and receive the good news. For Allah has indeed promised me one of the two camps (confiscating the caravan or defeating the Quraysh army). By Allah! It is as if I am now looking at the demise of the people (the Quraysh).)”

Tafsir at tabari


Al-Bukhari wrote in the book of battles (in his Sahih) under “Chapter; Allah’s statement,

﴿إِذْ تَسْتَغِيثُونَ رَبَّكُمْ فَاسْتَجَابَ لَكُمْ﴾

((Remember) when you sought help of your Lord and He answered you) until,

﴿فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ شَدِيدُ الْعِقَابِ﴾

(then verily, Allah is severe in punishment)” that Ibn Mas`ud رضي الله عنه said, “I was a witness to something that Al-Miqdad bin Al-Aswad did, that I would like more than almost anything else to have been the one who did it. Al-Miqdad came to the Prophet while he was invoking Allah against the idolators and proclaimed, `We will not say as the people of Musa said, “So go you and your Lord and fight you two.”

Rather, we will fight to your right, to your left, before you and behind you.’ I saw the Prophet’s face beaming with pleasure because of what Al-Miqdad said to him.”

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December 27, 2010 at 6:01 am

…while her own hijab used to be patched

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قال عروة بن الزبير لقد تصدقت يعني عائشة بسبعين ألفا و إن درعها لمرقع

‘Urwah bin Az-Zubayr – may Allah have mercy on him – said:

“‘Aa’ishah – may Allah be pleased with her – gave seventy thousand (dirhams) in charity, while her own hijab used to be patched.”

– ‘Abdullaah bin al-Mubaarak in Az-Zuhd wa Ar-Raqaa’iq 1/588, #705

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Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه and `Umar رضي الله عنه are in highest grades of paradise

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In a Hadith recorded by Imam Ahmad and the collectors of Sunan, Abu `Atiyyah said that Ibn Abu Sa`id said that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said,

«إِنَّ أَهْلَ الْجَنَّةِ لَيَتَرَاءَونَ أَهْلَ الدَّرَجَاتِ الْعُلَى كَمَا تَرَاءَوْنَ الْكَوْكَبَ الْغَابِرَ فِي أُفُقِ السَّمَاءِ وَإِنَّ أَبَا بَكْرٍ وَعُمَرَ مِنْهُمْ وَأَنْعَمَا»

(Residents of Paradise see the residents of the highest grades just as you see the distant planet in the horizon of the sky. Verily, Abu Bakr and `Umar are among them (in the highest grades), and how excellent they are.)

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December 26, 2010 at 3:21 pm

What is Taqwa?

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وقد قيل: إن عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه، سأل أبيّ بن كعب عن التقوى، فقال له: أما سلكت طريقًا ذا شوك؟ قال: بلى قال: فما عملت؟ قال: شمرت واجتهدت، قال: فذلك التقوى

‎`Umar bin Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه asked Ubayy bin Ka`b رضي الله عنه about Taqwa. Ubayy said, “Have you ever walked on a path that has thorns on it” `Umar said, “Yes.” Ubayy said, “What did you do then” He said, “I rolled up my sleeves and struggled.” Ubayy said, “That is Taqwa.”

Tafsir ibn kathir

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December 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm

“Verily, Mu’adh ibn Jabal رضي الله عنه was an Ummah (nation)”

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وقال الشعبي : حدثني فروة بن نوفل الأشجعي قال:

قال ابن مسعود : إن معاذا كان أمة قانتا لله حنيفا ، فقلت في نفسي : غلط أبو عبد الرحمن ، إنما قال الله : إن إبراهيم كان أمة فقال : أتدري ما الأمة وما القانت ؟ قلت : الله أعلم ، قال : الأمة الذي يعلم الناس الخير . والقانت : المطيع لله ورسوله ، وكذلك كان معاذ معلم الخير ، وكان مطيعا لله ورسوله


“Al-Ashja’ee narrated that Ibn Mas’ood رضي الله عنه said: “Verily, Mu’adh رضي الله عنه was an Ummah (nation), qanit (obedient) and a hanif (monotheist)”. I thought to myself: Abu Abdul-Rahman (Ibn Mas’ood) must have made a mistake, because Allah said: “Verily, Ibrahim عليه السلام was an Ummah, (qanit and a hanif)!” [An-Nahl; 120]. Then he said: “Do you know what Ummah (nation) and what Qanit (obedient) refer to?” I said: “Allahu A’lam!” He said: “The ummah is the person who teaches others (goodness) and the qaanit is the one who obeys Allah and His Messengers, and so was Mu’adh : a teacher of goodness and obedient to Allah and His messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم”.

[“Tafsir Ibn Katheer”, 4/612]

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‘Umar رضي الله عنه was one who adhered to the book of Allah

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‘Al-Bukhari next recorded from Ibn `Abbas that he said, “`Uyaynah bin Hisn bin Hudhayfah stayed with his nephew Al-Hur bin Qays, who was among the people whom `Umar used to have near him, for `Umar used to like to have the reciters of the Qur’an (who memorized it) near him and would listen to their opinion, regardless of whether they were old or young men. `Uyaynah said to his nephew, `O my nephew! You are close to this chief (`Umar), so ask for permission for me to see him.’ Al-Hur said `I will ask him for you,’ and he asked `Umar for permission for `Uyaynah to meet him, and `Umar gave him permission. When `Uyaynah entered on `Umar, he said, `O Ibn Al-Khattab! You neither give to us sufficiently nor rule with justice between us.’ `Umar became so angry that he almost punished `Uyaynah. However, Al-Hur said, `O Chief of he Faithful! Allah, the Exalted, said to His Prophet ,

﴿خُذِ الْعَفْوَ وَأْمُرْ بِالْعُرْفِ وَأَعْرِض عَنِ الْجَـهِلِينَ ﴾

(Show forgiveness, enjoin Al-`Urf, and turn away from the foolish) Verily this man (`Uyaynah) is one of the fools!’ By Allah, `Umar did not do anything after he heard that Ayah being recited, and indeed, he was one who adhered to the Book of Allah, the Exalted and Most Honored.”

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December 22, 2010 at 4:51 am

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How did `Amr bin Al-Jamuh رضي الله عنه embrace Islam?

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وَكَمَا كَانَ مُعَاذ بْن عَمْرو بْن الْجَمُوح وَمُعَاذ بْن جَبَل رَضِيَ اللَّه عَنْهُمَا وَكَانَا شَابَّيْنِ قَدْ أَسْلَمَا لَمَّا قَدِمَ رَسُول اللَّه صَلَّى اللَّه عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ الْمَدِينَة فَكَانَا يَعْدُوَانِ فِي اللَّيْل عَلَى أَصْنَام الْمُشْرِكِينَ يُكَسِّرَانِهَا وَيُتْلِفَانِهَا وَيَتَّخِذَانِهَا حَطَبًا لِلْأَرَامِلِ لِيَعْتَبِر قَوْمهمَا بِذَلِكَ وَيَرْتَئُوا لِأَنْفُسِهِمْ فَكَانَ لِعَمْرِو بْن الْجَمُوح وَكَانَ سَيِّدًا فِي قَوْمه صَنَم يَعْبُدهُ وَيُطَيِّبهُ فَكَانَا يَجِيئَانِ فِي اللَّيْل فَيُنَكِّسَانِهِ عَلَى رَأْسه وَيُلَطِّخَانِهِ بِالْعَذِرَةِ فَيَجِيء عَمْرو بْن الْجَمُوح فَيَرَى مَا صُنِعَ بِهِ فَيَغْسِلهُ وَيُطَيِّبهُ وَيَضَع عِنْده سَيْفًا وَيَقُول لَهُ اِنْتَصِرْ ثُمَّ يَعُودَانِ لِمِثْلِ ذَلِكَ وَيَعُود إِلَى صَنِيعه أَيْضًا حَتَّى أَخَذَاهُ مَرَّة فَقَرَنَاهُ مَعَ كَلْب مَيِّت وَدَلَّيَاهُ فِي حَبْل فِي بِئْر هُنَاكَ فَلَمَّا جَاءَ عَمْرو بْن الْجَمُوح وَرَأَى ذَلِكَ نَظَرَ فَعَلِمَ أَنَّ مَا كَانَ عَلَيْهِ مِنْ الدِّين بَاطِل وَقَالَ : تَاللَّهِ لَوْ كُنْت إِلَهًا مُسْتَدَنْ لَمْ تَكُ وَالْكَلْب جَمِيعًا فِي قَرَنْ ثُمَّ أَسْلَمَ فَحَسُنَ إِسْلَامه وَقُتِلَ يَوْم أُحُد شَهِيدًا رَضِيَ اللَّه عَنْهُ وَأَرْضَاهُ وَجَعَلَ جَنَّة الْفِرْدَوْس مَأْوَاهُ

Mu`adh bin `Amr ibn Al-Jamuh and Mu`adh bin Jabal, may Allah be pleased with both of them, were still young when they embraced Islam after the Messenger of Allah came to Al-Madinah. So they were attacking the idols of the idolators at night, breaking, disfiguring them and using them as fuel for needy widows. They sought to give a lesson to their people to make them aware of their error. `Amr bin Al-Jamuh, who was one of the chiefs of his people, had an idol that he used to worship and perfume. The two Mu`adhs used to go to that idol, turn it on its head and tarnish it with animal waste. When `Amr bin Al-Jamuh would see what happened to his idol, he would clean it, perfume it and leave a sword next to it, saying, “Defend yourself.” However, the two young men would repeat their actions, and he would do the same as before. Once, they took the idol, tied it to a dead dog and threw it in a well while tied to a rope! When `Amr bin Al-Jamuh saw this, he knew that his religion was false and said, “By Allah! Had you been a god who has might, you would not end up tied to a dog on a rope!” `Amr bin Al-Jamuh embraced Islam, and he was strong in his Islam. He was later martyred during the battle of Uhud, may Allah be pleased with him, give him pleasure. and grant him Paradise as his dwelling.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir

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