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Statements of Abu Hurayrah[RA]

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‘You have not been truly sincere to yourselves! You hope for what you will not attain, you gather (of food) what you will not eat and you build homes which you will not live in.’

‘One of you sees the speck of dust in his brother’s eye but he forgets the twig that’s in his eye.’

Once, Abu Hurayrah entered the masjid and saw a young boy. He said to him, ‘O young boy! Go to your family and help them.’ The boy said, ‘I’ve only come to pray.’ So he said, ‘In that case, you are the sabiq (foremost; ahead of others) and I am the musalli (one who prays with/behind the others).’

Abu al-Mutawakil: ‘When Abu Hurayrah and his companions used to fast, they’d sit down at dawn and say, ‘Let us purify our sins.’

He (radhiallahu `anhu) used to pray a third of the night, and his wife used to pray a third of the night and his son also used to pray a third of the night. When one of them slept, the other would stand in prayer.

Kitab uz zuhd by Imam Ahmad


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September 14, 2010 at 10:22 pm

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