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“Umar[RA] encouraged those members of the ummah who devoted themselves to learning the Book of Allah and memorizing it, so they encountered nothing but support and encouragement, especially in the regions where the people were new in islam, to make them or their children reach their fullest potential in memorizing and understanding the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger SAW. He took an interest in all branches of knowledge that had anything to do with the Qur’an and Sunnah, especially the Arabic language.

Among his sayings concerning that are:

“Learn Arabic, for it makes a person more logical and wise, and increases his chivalry.” – Mu’jam al-Udaba’, 1/19.

“Learn grammar as you learn the Sunnahs and shares of inheritance.” – Al-Bayan wa at-Tabyeen by al-Jahidh, 2/219.

“Learn I’rab al-Quran (syntax) as you learn to memorize it.” – Alif Ba’ by al-Balawi, 1/34; Awwaliyat al-Farooq, p. 458.

“The worst of writing is that which is elongated without being clear, and the worst of reading is to say things unclearly, and the best of writing it that which is clearest.” – Tadreeb ar-Rawi by as-Suyooti, p. 152.


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