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Which Sahaba[RA] narrated the most hadith?

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1. Abu Hurairah (Abdur-Rahmaan) (radi -Allaahu ‘anhu) d.59H at the age of 78; he narrated 5374 ahaadeeth. The number of his students reaches 800

2. Abdullaah Ibn Abbaas (radi -Allaahu ‘anhu) d.68H at the age of 71; he
narrated 2660 ahaadeeth

3. Aa’ishah Siddeeqa (radi -Allaahu ‘anhaa) d.58H at the age of 67; she narrated
2210 ahaadeeth

4. Abdullaah Ibn Umar (radi -Allaahu ‘anhu) d.73H at the age of 84; he narrated
1630 ahaadeeth

5. Jaabir Ibn Abdullaah (radi -Allaahu ‘anhu) d.78H at the age of 94; he narrated 1560 ahaadeeth

6. Anas Ibn Maalik (radi -Allaahu ‘anhu) d.93H at the age of 103; he narrated 1286 ahaadeeth and

7. Abu Sa’eed al -Khudree (radi -Allaahu ‘anhu) d.74H at the age of 84; he
narrated 1170 ahaadeeth.

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  1. May Allah(swt) grant them aljanna fridaos. Ameen

    Adepoju Ibrahim

    January 12, 2011 at 8:13 pm

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