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A Sermon of `Abdullah Ibn Mas`ood (may Allah be pleased with him)

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Amr ibn Thabit narrated that `Abdullah ibn Mas`ood said in one of his sermons: ”

Surely the most truthful speech is that of the Qur’an, the Book of Allah;

and the best of covenants and bonds are an expression of piety;

the best of persuasions is that of Ibraahim `alayhis salam,

and the best of traditions are those of Muhammad sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam.

The most noble and exalted of speeches and conversations is to talk about Allah the Most High;

the best and most truthful of stories are told in the Qur’an;

the worth of a good deed will show at the end, and the most evil of deeds are innovations;

to have less of what satisfies one’s needs is better than to have aplenty one cannot compass or control;

the worst self-blaming (nafsu lawwaama) is sorrow when death comes to seize the person,

and the worst grief is to have regret on the Day of Judgment;

the worst of aberration is to stray from Allah’s path after receiving His guidance;

true prosperity is to have satisfaction and contentment;

the best provision for the hereafter is piety;

suspicion is a branch of apostasy;

the worst blindness is that of the heart;

wine is the source of every evil;

the temptation about women is the rope of Satan;

teenage heralds the growing up of arrogance and folly;

mourning losses is a pagan act;

some people come late to the Friday’s congregational prayers, dragging their feet, and they speak of Allah the Most High illusively.

In fact, to lie is the greatest sin;

to insult a believer is an act of insolence; and to fight a believer is apostasy.

The sanctity of the property of a believer is as sacred as his life;

one who pardons the sins of others, Allah will forgive him his sins,

and one who swallows his anger, Allah will reward him,

one who forgives others, Allah will forgive him,

and one who bears his adversity, Allah will reward him aplenty.

The most evil of earnings is money made of usury and accumulation of interest;

the worst of food is to eat up the inheritance of orphan.

The luckiest of people is one who takes heed of the reason behind others’ misfortunes;

and the unlucky is thus conceived in the womb of his mother.

Sufficient for you is what satisfies your basic needs;

surely the lag of one’s journey will culminate in a grave six linear feet long;

one’s real goal will eventually be seen at the end, – and truth will surely manifest at the end.

The results of one’s actions will expose his initial intention;

the worst story is a lie;

the best death is that of a martyr;

one who knows the value of adversities will bear them,

and one who does not understand that will question the reason behind them.

Allah the Most High will surely bring an arrogant person to humiliation.

Whosoever vies to capture the world will reach a dead end,

and whosoever obeys Satan would have disobeyed Allah the Most High,

and finally, whosoever disobeys Allah the Most High will be punished in hell-fire.”

[Hilyat al-Awliyaa’ ]


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March 25, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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